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Objective-C Question

How to get all the date of last one month

i want to get all the dates from yesterday date to one month..
like today is 19 may, so i need all the date from 18 may to 18 April.
please help.
how to get all the date of last one month?


You can use this code.It works.

NSDate *currentDate = [NSDate date];
NSLog(@"Current Date = %@", currentDate);

NSDateComponents *dateComponents = [NSDateComponents new];
dateComponents.month = -1;

NSDate *currentDatePlus1Month = [[NSCalendar currentCalendar] dateByAddingComponents:dateComponents toDate:currentDate options:0];

NSLog(@"Date = %@", currentDatePlus1Month );

NSCalendar *gregorianCalendar = [[NSCalendar alloc] initWithCalendarIdentifier: NSGregorianCalendar];
NSDateComponents *days = [[NSDateComponents alloc] init];
NSMutableArray* arr =[[NSMutableArray alloc]init];
NSInteger dayCount = 0;
while ( TRUE ) {
    [days setDay: ++dayCount];
    NSDate *date = [gregorianCalendar dateByAddingComponents: days toDate: currentDatePlus1Month options: 0];
    if ( [date compare: currentDate] == NSOrderedAscending ){
        [arr addObject:date];

    if([[arr lastObject] isEqual:[currentDate dateByAddingTimeInterval:-60*60*24*1]])
        NSLog(@"%lu",(unsigned long)arr.count);

    // Do something with date like add it to an array, etc.

if you find all dates you can remove count and get all dates in array.