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Python Question

Class and external method call

I am going through a data structures course and I am not understanding how a Class can call a method that's in another Class.

The code below has 2 classes:


Notice that class
has a method called
, and this has a variable
that gets assigned the result of
newTask.getPages() * 60/self.pagerate

How can
reference the
method from the Task class?

The code that passes this object to the Printer class never references the Task class.

The code works, since this is what the course gives out but, I just cannot understand how that method is accessed.


from pythonds.basic.queue import Queue

import random

class Printer:

def __init__(self, ppm):
self.pagerate = ppm
self.currentTask = None
self.timeRemaining = 0

def tick(self):
if self.currentTask != None:
self.timeRemaining = self.timeRemaining - 1

if self.timeRemaining <= 0:
self.currentTask = None

def busy(self):
if self.currentTask != None:
return True
return False

def startNext(self, newTask):
self.currentTask = newTask
self.timeRemaining = newTask.getPages() * 60/self.pagerate

class Task:

def __init__(self, time):
self.timeStamp = time
self.pages = random.randrange(1, 21)

def getStamp(self):
return self.timeStamp

def getPages(self):
return self.pages

def waitTime(self, currentTime):
return currentTime - self.timeStamp

def simulation(numSeconds, pagesPerMinute):

labPrinter = Printer(pagesPerMinute)
printQueue = Queue()
waitingTimes = []

for currentSecond in range(numSeconds):

if newPrintTask():
task = Task(currentSecond)

if (not labPrinter.busy()) and (not printQueue.isEmpty()):
nextTask = printQueue.dequeue()


averageWait = sum(waitingTimes)/len(waitingTimes)
print "Average Wait %6.2f secs %3d tasks remaining." % (averageWait, printQueue.size())

def newPrintTask():
num = random.randrange(1, 181)

if num == 180:
return True
return False

for i in range(10):
simulation(3600, 5)

Answer Source

If I understand clearly your question, it is because you are adding task object to Queue list. Then when you are getting object (list item) back, you are getting again Task object:

#creating Task object and adding to Queque list
task = Task(currentSecond)

class Queue:
    def __init__(self):
        #list of task objects
        self.items = []

    def enqueue(self, item):
        #you are inserting Task object item to list

    def dequeue(self):
       #returns task object
       return self.items.pop()

So then you can call startNext() method from Printer class, because the dequeue() method is returning Task object.

And because of the object in startNext() is type of Task, you can call getPages() method on that object.

Is it sufficient answer?

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