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CSS expression crashing the browser

In my website, I want the

tag to have a minimum width of 640px. Thing is, IE6 doesn't recognize
, so I'm trying to fix this with a CSS expression in my IE6 stylesheet:

body {
width : expression(this.clientWidth < 639 ? "640px" : "auto");

But this is crashing the browser as son as I resize it. I've tried with
instead of
but it too crashes. Is it possible to fix this?

Answer Source

If the body has padding:0, then this should work:

body {
    width : expression(this.clientWidth < 641 ? "640px" : "auto");

Demo: http://jsfiddle.net/kt2m8/embedded/result/

In case there is some padding you could use something like this:

body {
    width : expression(this.clientWidth < 641+parseInt(document.body.currentStyle.paddingLeft,10)+parseInt(document.body.currentStyle.paddingRight,10) ? "640px" : "auto");

Demo with padding:10px and margin:10px: http://jsfiddle.net/vL689/embedded/result/

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