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C# Question

Merge items in list with the same key/property

This shouldn't be very hard to do but I'm struggling to find out the correct way to do this.

I have two lists that have the same properties. What I would like to do is merge these two lists together and combine/merge the individual items in the lists that have the same key/property.

Here is my


public class GradeViewModel {
public int GradeId { get; set; }
public string Name { get; set; }
public int Total { get; set; }

And here I am populating my lists:

var buyPostGrades = Mapper.Map<IEnumerable<BuyPostGrade>, IEnumerable<GradeViewModel>>(_reportService.GetBuyPostGrades());
var sellPostGrades = Mapper.Map<IEnumerable<SellPostGrade>, IEnumerable<GradeViewModel>>(_reportService.GetSellPostGrades());

Now what I would like to do is combine the two lists together into one and if there are any items between the lists that share the same
then I want to merge them into just one item.

So, for example, if I had an item in my
list that looked like the following:

GradeId = 6,
Name = "TestGrade",
Total = 4

and then I had an item in my
list that looked like the following:

GradeId = 6,
Name = "TestGrade",
Total = 10

then I would like to merge those two items into one that would look like:

GradeId = 6,
Name = "TestGrade",
Total = 14

I'm sure there in some
that I can use to do this but I'm still new to it and am not sure which way would be best.

Answer Source

Assuming that identical grade ID implies identical name, you can merge two lists as follows:

var res buyPostGrades
    .GroupBy(x => new {x.GradeId, x.Name})
    .Select(g => new GradeViewModel {
        GradeId = g.Key.GradeId
    ,   Name = g.Key.Name
    ,   Total = g.Sum(x => x.Total)
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