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UITextField lose focus event

I have an UITextField in a MyCustomUIView class and when the UITextField loses focus, I'd like to hide the field and show something else in place.

The delegate for the

is set to
via IB and I also have 'Did End On Exit' and 'Editing Did End' events pointing to an
method within

@interface MyCustomUIView : UIView {

IBOutlet UITextField *myTextField;


-(IBAction)textFieldLostFocus:(UITextField *)textField;


However, neither of these events seem to get fired when the UITextField loses focus. How do you trap/look for this event?

The delegate for the
is set as
so I am receiving
message to dismiss the keyboard when done.

But what I'm also interested in is figuring when the user presses some other area on the screen (say another control or just blank area) and the text field has lost focus.

Answer Source

I believe you need to designate your view as a UITextField delegate like so:

@interface MyCustomUIView : UIView <UITextFieldDelegate> {

As an added bonus, this is how you get the keyboard to go away when they press the "done" or return buttons, depending on how you have set that property:

- (BOOL)textFieldShouldReturn:(UITextField *)theTextField {
  //This line dismisses the keyboard.       
  [theTextField resignFirstResponder];
  //Your view manipulation here if you moved the view up due to the keyboard etc.       
  return YES;
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