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Bash Question

Running R Scripts with Plots

I have a small shell script (bash) which runs a R script which produces a plot as output. Everything works fine but immedietly after the plot is rendered R quits. Is there a way to keep the R session alive until the plot window is closed.

The shell script.

R --slave --vanilla < myscript.r

And the R script.

daq = read.table(file('mydata.dat'))
//R Completes this and then exits immediately.

Thanks in advance for any help!


If you use the Rscript command (which is better suited for this purpose), you run it like this:


daq = read.table(file('mydata.dat'))

message("Press Return To Continue")
invisible(readLines("stdin", n=1))

Make sure to set the execute permission on myscript.r, then run like:


or without the shebang:

Rscript /path/to/myscript.r