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Grails 3 JNDI datasource for Tomcat, Weblogic, Glassfish - Vs Grails 2

I'm experimenting with migrating from Grails 2 to Grails 3.

In Grails 2, I used this as my JNDI name within datasource.groovy file, within the Production-env

jndiName = "${(System.getProperty('catalina.home') && (System.getProperty('java.class.path')).trim().toLowerCase().indexOf('tomcat') > 0 ) ? 'java:comp/env/' : ''}jdbc/myGrails"

I found that worked well for me for Glassfish, Weblogic, and Tomcat.

However, when i try this in Grails 3, within the application.yml:

jndiName: ${(System.getProperty('catalina.home') && (System.getProperty('java.class.path')).trim().toLowerCase().indexOf('tomcat') > 0 ) ? 'java:comp/env/' : ''}jdbc/myGrails

I get this error when running "grails run-app":

| Error Error occurred running Grails CLI: mapping values are not allowed here
in 'reader', line 123, column 169:
... mcat') > 0 ) ? 'java:comp/env/' : ''}jdbc/traxGrails
(Use --stacktrace to see the full trace)

If I do use this in Grails 3:

jndiName: java:/comp/env/jdbc/myGrails

Then it works fine when using Grails run-app, and also works fine to deploy the WAR to Tomcat.

Can someone help me in getting my "jndi expression" from Grails 2 to work in Grails 3?

Answer Source

It looks like you're trying to use groovy syntax in a yml file, which does not work. You can create an application.groovy file (which will be merged with the application.yml file) if you want to use groovy syntax.

Also take a look at the many ways spring-boot allows you to inject properties via env variables, properties, yml, etc.

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