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Server does a 301 redirect when connecting with browser, shows IP instead of domainname

I'm running LEMP on a linode server, bought a domainname from louhi.fi.

All I have are A records pointing to the IP, although I have them booth on linode and on louhi(could this be the problem?)The domainname does resolve to the server, but because of this 301 Redirect the address bar displays the IP. I don't know if the 301 is serverside or DNS side. When I initially configured the DNS, Louhi did have a URL record pointing at the IP address which I removed(which I thought was weird), but I'm not sure if that's the problem. It might just be I have to wait until the DNS updates.

I've tried everything I can with the nginx configuration. I'll probably wait until tomorrow before doing any more DNS meddling, to make sure they've applied any changes.

Appreciate any help!

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The issue was with wordpress. I had simply forgotten to change the site url and wordpress url settings.

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