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jQuery Question

jquery not working

I dynamically create a new

(with a "textbox" class and ID), and some other elements inside of it, and later on in my code I bind that
to the click event, and display the element clicked, like so:

$('#textbox_'+i).bind('click', function(event){

This is fine, and it'll give me
as one of the classes displayed.
doesn't seem to work. So, when I do the following, nothing happens:

$('#textbox_'+i).bind('click', function(event){
if('textbox')) { alert('got it!'); }

I tried it a few different ways and it appears to me that
just doesn't work. Is there another way to deal with events or am I doing something wrong?

Answer Source

You're trying to use a jQuery method, hasClass(), on a standard DOM element. You need to convert the plain JS DOM element to a jQuery object, like so:


And you end up with :

$('#textbox_'+i).on('click', function(event){
     if( $('textbox')) alert('got it!');

Notice the use of on(), the proper closing of the click function, and you don't need curly brackets in your if statement if you're only executing a simple alert.

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