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iOS - UIWebview Partial Disappear on Scroll

I've implemented a custom header view that is not part of a UITableView. However, it responds to scrollView delegate methods to adjust the NSLayoutConstraint constant of it's height. The header view contains a web view that renders a static image. The header view moves on and off the screen as expected during tableView scrolling. When scrolling is fast (up/down) it works as expected. However, if you scroll down slowly the content of the UIWebview disappears.
enter image description here

I had initially thought it may have something to do with the webView's scrollView.contentSize but that seems to be adjusting correctly (based on NSLog). If you take a look at the above gif, the orange is the background of the UIWebview, so only the actual content of the html is vanishing; the view itself is intact. Anyone else run into this issue?

Relevant code:

#define kMaxHeaderHeight 160.0
#define kMinHeaderHeight 0.0
self.webView.scrollView.scrollEnabled = false;
self.webView.backgroundColor = [UIColor orangeColor];

NSString *html =
@"body {"
@"padding: 0px;"
@"font-family: Arial;"
@"width: 100%;"
@"margin: 0px;"
@"text-align: center;"
@".image {"
@"position: absolute;"
@"margin: 0px;"
@"bottom: 0;"
@"padding: 0px;"
@"<img class='image' src='http://mgk.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/bedbug_ICON.png' />"

[self.webView loadHTMLString:html baseURL:nil];
-(void)scrollViewDidScroll:(UIScrollView *)scrollView
if (scrollView != self.tableView) return;

CGFloat scrollDiff = scrollView.contentOffset.y - previousScrollOffset;
CGFloat absoluteTop = 0.0;
CGFloat absoluteBottom = scrollView.contentSize.height - scrollView.frame.size.height;
BOOL isScrollingDown = scrollDiff > 0 && scrollView.contentOffset.y > absoluteTop;
BOOL isScrollingUp = scrollDiff < 0 && scrollView.contentOffset.y < absoluteBottom;

CGFloat newHeight = self.headerViewHeightConstraint.constant;
if (isScrollingDown) {
newHeight = MAX(kMinHeaderHeight, self.headerViewHeightConstraint.constant - fabs(scrollDiff));
} else if (isScrollingUp) {
newHeight = MIN(kMaxHeaderHeight, self.headerViewHeightConstraint.constant + fabs(scrollDiff));

if (newHeight != self.headerViewHeightConstraint.constant) {
self.headerViewHeightConstraint.constant = newHeight;
[self updateScrollPosition:previousScrollOffset];

previousScrollOffset = scrollView.contentOffset.y;

self.tableView.contentOffset = CGPointMake(self.tableView.contentOffset.x, postition);

What I've tried:

  • forcing the webview to layoutSubviews [self.webView layoutSubViews];

  • collecting all subviews of UIWebview into an array and adjust their height as the scrolling happens.

  • adjusting the contentView of the webView.scrollView as scrolling happens.

  • a bunch of other stuff i can't remember. suggest something and I'll tell you if i've tried it.

Answer Source

OP was able to resolve the issue by using WKWebView instead of UIWebView.

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