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JSON Question

How do I remove backslashes from a JSON string?

I have a JSON string that looks as below

'{\"test\":{\"test1\":{\"test1\":[{\"test2\":\"1\",\"test3\": \"foo\",\"test4\":\"bar\",\"test5\":\"test7\"}]}}}'

I need to change it to the one below using Ruby or Rails:

'{"test":{"test1":{"test1":[{"test2":"1","test3": "foo","test4":"bar","test5":"bar2"}]}}}'

I need to know how to remove those slashes.

Answer Source

Use Ruby's String#delete! method. For example:

str = '{\"test\":{\"test1\":{\"test1\":[{\"test2\":\"1\",\"test3\": \"foo\",\"test4\":\"bar\",\"test5\":\"test7\"}]}}}'
str.delete! '\\'
puts str
#=> {"test":{"test1":{"test1":[{"test2":"1","test3": "foo","test4":"bar","test5":"test7"}]}}}
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