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Python :: How to open a page in the Non Default browser

I was trying to create a simple script to open a locally hosted web site for testing the css in 2 or more browsers. The default browser is IE7 and it opens the page fine but when I try to open a non default browser such as Firefox or Arora it just fails.

I am using the webbrowser module and have tried this several way as detailed in various sites across the web.

Is it possible and if so how?

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Matt's right and it's a pretty useful module to know...

18.1. subprocess

IDLE 2.6.2      
>>> import subprocess
>>> chrome = 'C:\Users\Ted\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe'
>>> chrome_args = ''
>>> spChrome = subprocess.Popen(chrome+' '+chrome_args)
>>> print
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