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java hibernate override enum/string mapping values

I've got a following Hibernate model:

@Table(name = "category")
public class Category {

@Column(name = "type")
private CategoryType type;

This is the enumeration referenced by hibernate:

public enum CategoryType {

THe corresponding database field is a varchar which takes 2 possible values: "CategoryIncome" and "CategoryOutcome".

This method actually calls hibernate:

public List<Category> findAllByType(CategoryType type) {
session = sessionFactory.openSession();
tx = session.beginTransaction();
Query query = session.createQuery(
"FROM Category WHERE type = :type");
query.setParameter("type", type);
List list = query.list();
return list;

I managed to get my code work (I mean it compiles), but it works badly - it executes following SQL query:


whereas I would like it to be:

WHERE type = "CategoryIncome"

How can I map enum values into string values for hibernate? I know that
tells hibernate to cast the enum values to string (could be EnumType.ORDINAL to cast it to integers). But how can I override the default enum-string mapping?

Answer Source

You will have to use your customized usertype for Hibernate persistance, Hibernate uses name() function of enum to get string representation, not toString().

See this Hibernate @Enumerated mapping

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