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Javascript Question

How can I refresh the screen on browser resize?

Is it possible to refresh a page on browser size change? I use some styles that create areas on a page and if the browser is scaled down the layout break.

Perhaps I can detect the document size change with jQuery?

Answer Source

Update for anyone viewing this now. JQuery now considers bind a deprecated function.

And the way proximus' response works (at least in Opera/Chrome/Firefox) it constantly polls for resizing even if the browser is just sitting there. This may have been due to it being a Drupal implementation. Either way, it appears that the resize function was called automatically when it hit location.reload(), causing it to hit an infinite loop. Here's what I pulled together that also solved the problem.

var windowWidth = $(window).width();

$(window).resize(function() {
    if(windowWidth != $(window).width()){
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