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C# equivalent to Perl's Getopt::Long

I am working on converting some old Perl scripts to C#, and I need to keep the functionality basically the same. In order to do this I need to parse the command line similarly to how Perl's Getopt::Long works, but I am having difficulty figuring out how to do this. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could let me know a good way of doing this or point me in the direction of a good reference.

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Jonathon Pryor wrote mono.Options with just that same motivation, as illustrated in his blog post: http://www.jprl.com/Blog/archive/development/mono/2008/Jan-07.html

I have used it on a couple of projects, keeping all the attribution comments, and just throwing the file in my project directory. Works great for me.

Here's me working with it:

string iniFilePath = null;

OptionSet os = new OptionSet()
    { { "ini="
      , "Valid path to an ini file."
      , (s) => { iniFilePath = s; }
      } };
List<string> extra;
try  {
    extra = os.Parse( Application.CommandLineArguments );
    return iniFilePath;
catch ( OptionException oex ) {
    Library.ExceptionHandler.handle( oex );
return null;
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