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AngularJS Question

how to select element inside angular1.5 component

For component, I can no longer refer to

like I used to in its father -- directive, by taking them as arguments inside

What is the best way to select element like I used to in directive? Did it change the way how it should be done?

Why its not documented in the component document for the angular 1.5x?

Any tips will help thanks!

Answer Source

You could do the same thing inside component controller by injecting $element dependency. But on controller load $element is not compiled DOM.

For such case you could use Angular 1.5 component life cycle, like there we have $postLink() which will work as same as like postLink/link function of Angular 1 directive.

For accessing attribute you inject $attrs service inside controller.


myMod.component('myComponent', {
  template: '<h1>Home</h1>',
  controller: function($element) {
    this.test = 'hello world';
    this.$postLink = function(){
      //here you have compiled DOM
      //you can play with element here.
      console.log("Post LInk DOM", $element);
    console.log("Initial DOM", $element);
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