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Calling Routes from a js angular 1.5.8 file

I've my backend developed in Silex with various routes that I can fully access using localhost:8080/project/api/index.php/user (example of a route).

if i'm coding an http get(I use only one controller called mainController ) in a js file using angular 1.5.8, how can I make that when I enter angularsite/user

(user is the route, "/user"), it returns me the data and then show it on my index.html ?

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You need to set your app routes to your mainController controller.

angular.module('YourProject', [

.config(['$routeProvider', function ($routeProvider) {

        $routeProvider.when('/user', {
            templateUrl: 'view.html',
            controllerAs: 'mainCtrl',
            controller: 'mainController '

            redirectTo: '/user'

Now when the page loads the RouteProvider will finds the default path to user (default route) route and that will load your view and controller. The templateUrl contains the route to the template.

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