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Java Question

Get an OutputStream into a String

What's the best way to pipe the output from an to a String in Java?

Say I have the method:

writeToStream(Object o, OutputStream out)

Which writes certain data from the object to the given stream. However, I want to get this output into a String as easily as possible.

I'm considering writing a class like this (untested):

class StringOutputStream extends OutputStream {

StringBuilder mBuf;

public void write(int byte) throws IOException {
mBuf.append((char) byte);

public String getString() {
return mBuf.toString();

But is there a better way? I only want to run a test!

Answer Source

I would use a ByteArrayOutputStream. And on finish you can call:

new String( baos.toByteArray(), codepage );

or better

baos.toString( codepage );

For the String constructor the codepage can be a String or an instance of java.nio.charset.Charset. A possible value is java.nio.charset.StandardCharsets.UTF_8.

The method toString accept only a String as codepage parameter (stand Java 8).

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