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UIImagePickerController camera view rotating strangely on iOS 8 (pictures)

I have a very simple application:
- All orientations are permitted with only a button on a screen
- The button show a

(to take a photo)
- Build with Xcode 5 and SDK 7

On iOS 8, the camera of the
is appearing correctly whether I am in landscape or in portrait, but when I rotate the device, I got the camera view rotated by 90 degrees, here's a an example:

  1. I have my app in portrait

  2. I push the button that shows me the

  3. I am in the camera view and I go to landscape mode, here is what I get:

The view is in landscape but the camera is rotated by 90 degrees

Did someone else already got this issue?

PS: And if I take a photo (again in landscape), the photo is correctly taken and now correctly displayed :

Thanks for help!


The bug seems to be fixed on my iPad running iOS 8.1 but nothing appears related to that bug in iOS 8.1 Release Notes :

Thanks all for the proposed fixes for earlier versions of iOS 8!

Answer Source

I believe it is an iOS 8 bug. For example if you open your contacts app and click edit/add photo/take photo, the same issue occurs on a standard iOS app! Post the issue to Apple support just as I have.

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