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How to change the proguard mapping file name in gradle for Android project

I have android project based on gradle and I want to change mapping.txt file name after it's generated for my build. How can it be done?


How it can be done in build.gradle? Since I have access there to my flavors and other stiff, I would like to create mapping file name based on flavor/build variant version.

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Many thanx to Sergii Pechenizkyi who helped me to found this good solution.

To implement copying of proguard mapping files for each flavor we can create "root" task copyProguardMappingTask and number of dynamic tasks for each flavor

def copyProguardMappingTask = project.tasks.create("copyProguardMapping")
applicationVariants.all { variant ->
    variant.outputs.each { output ->
        if (variant.getBuildType().isMinifyEnabled()) {
            def copyProguardMappingVariantTask = project.tasks.create("copyProguardMapping${variant.name.capitalize()}", Copy)

            def fromPath = variant.mappingFile;
            def intoPath = output.outputFile.parent;

            copyProguardMappingVariantTask.rename('mapping.txt', "mapping-${variant.name}.txt")

            copyProguardMappingVariantTask.mustRunAfter variant.assemble
            copyProguardMappingTask.dependsOn copyProguardMappingVariantTask

afterwards we should run this task after assembling our project. I use jenkins and my tasks option looks like

gradle clean assembleProjectName copyProguardMapping

It works like a charm.

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