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Ruby Question

Receiving POST data in Rails 4 and reading request.body

I want to send a POST request to a rails application and have it save and parse the request body in the database...

My route on the receiving end is currently setup as:

post '/request' => 'controller#receives_data'

when I post data to this controller I use:

def post_it
connection.post(uri.path, "this is data", header_with_authkey)

My controller method that receives the post is setup as:

def receives_data

However I am getting a
422 error, unprocessable entity
, and the log file is always empty...

Are there specific headers I need to include to post this to a rails app? Are there specific configurations I need to include in my controller or routes?

Answer Source

You'll need to set the following headers in your post.

Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json
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