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Swift Question

Can not use a singleton class to return its properties

Hello Guys I have the following code

class DeviceListViewController {
private var currentPeripheral:BLEPeripheral?

public class var sharedInstance: DeviceListViewController {
struct Singleton {
static let instance = DeviceListViewController()
return Singleton.instance

func getCurrentPeripheral() -> BLEPeripheral? {
return currentPeripheral


But when I use this in another class like following


it gives me an error telling me the following
Use of instance member "getCurrentPeripheral" on type "DeviceListViewController"; did you mean to use a value of type "DeviceListViewController" instead?

I have no clue what I am doing wrong here. Any suggestions on how to solve this?

p.s. the autocomplete function of xcode passes the ViewController as parameter along with it somehow


But it results in the same error

Answer Source

You need to call the method on the shared instance, not on the class

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