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ASP.NET (C#) Question free webcontrol to display crosstab or pivot reports with column and row grouping, subtotals and totals or different approach

I want to develop some crosstab also know as pivot reports in with x-axis and y-axis being dynamics, allowing grouping by row and column, for example: have products in y-axis and date in x-axis having in body number of sells of a given product in a given date, if date in x-axis are years, i want subtotals for each month for a product (row) and subtotals of sells of all products in date (column)

I know there are products available to build reports, but i am using Mysql, so Reporting Service is not an option. It's not necessary for the client build additional reports, i think the simplest solution is having a control to display such information and not using crystal report (which is not free) or something more complex, i want to know if is there an available free control to reach my goal.

Well, does anybody know a control or have a different idea,
thanks in advance.

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You don't need SQL Server to run Reporting Services reports. have all the info (look for Generate RDLC dynamically - Matrix in the right column)

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