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Using XPath in Python with LXML

I have a python script used to parse XMLs and export into a csv file certain elements of interest. I have tried to now change the script to allow the filtering of an XML file under a criteria, the equivalent XPath query would be:


When I try to use lxml to do so, my code is:

xml_file = lxml.etree.parse(xml_file_path)
namespace = "{" + xml_file.getroot().nsmap[None] + "}"
node_list = xml_file.findall(namespace + "Events/" + namespace + "Confirmation[TransactionId='*GTEREVIEW*']")

But this doesn't seem to work. Can anyone help?
Example of XML file:


So I want all "Confirmation" nodes that contain a transaction Id which includes the string "GTEREVIEW".

Answer Source

findall() doesn't support XPath expressions, only ElementPath (see ElementPath doesn't support searching for elements containing a certain string.

Why don't you use XPath? Assuming that the file test.xml contains your sample XML, the following works:

> python
Python 2.7.9 (default, Jun 29 2016, 13:08:31) 
[GCC 4.9.2] on linux2
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.

>>> from lxml import etree
>>> tree=etree.parse("test.xml")
>>> tree.xpath("Confirmation[starts-with(TransactionId, 'GTEREVIEW')]")
[<Element Confirmation at 0x7f68b16c3c20>]

If you insist on using findall(), the best you can do is get the list of all Confirmation elements having a TransactionId child node:

>>> tree.findall("Confirmation[TransactionId]")
[<Element Confirmation at 0x7f68b16c3c20>, <Element Confirmation at 0x7f68b16c3ea8>]

You then need to filter this list manually, e.g.:

>>> [e for e in tree.findall("Confirmation[TransactionId]")
     if e[0].text.startswith('GTEREVIEW')]
[<Element Confirmation at 0x7f68b16c3c20>]

If your document contains namespaces, the following will get you all Confirmation elements having a TransactionId child node, provided that the elements use the default namespace (I used xmlns="file:xyz" as the default namespace):

>>> tree.findall("//{{{0}}}Confirmation[{{{0}}}TransactionId]".format(tree.getroot().nsmap[None]))
[<Element {file:xyz}Confirmation at 0x7f534a85d1b8>, <Element {file:xyz}Confirmation at 0x7f534a85d128>]

And there is of course etree.ETXPath:

>>> find=etree.ETXPath("//{{{0}}}Confirmation[starts-with({{{0}}}TransactionId, 'GTEREVIEW')]".format(tree.getroot().nsmap[None]))
>>> find(tree)
[<Element {file:xyz}Confirmation at 0x7f534a85d1b8>]

This allows you to combine XPath and namespaces.

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