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Android - Facebook integration - get news feed / all statuses / facebook startpage

I'm currently writing an App where I want to include various social media accounts in one Feed. Twitter worked great. Now I'm fighting with Facebook to achieve the same. But its not working :/ I'm using the Facebook-android-sdk and searched the Docs twice... (maybe i'm just blind)


I want to get the news feed of Facebook. But not the users posts or timeline. In other words I don't want


So basically i want the startpage of facebook when you logged in. So this feed where I can see all status updates of my friends and pages i "liked"

Does someone Have some information or solutions for this? I can provide more information if something is not clear.

Thanks in advance!!

Answer Source

There is no way to get access to the feed of friends, if they did not authorize your app with the user_posts permission. You can only get the feed of Pages you liked:

  • Authorize with the user_likes permission
  • Use the /me/likes endpoint to get the Pages
  • Use the /page-id/feed endpoint to get the feed of the Pages

The API Reference includes example code for those API calls:

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