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How do I create a single list of object pairs from two lists in C#?

I have two lists of objects. List A and List B. I need to create List C which combines List A and List B into pairs. For example:

List A
object a1
object a2
object a3

List B
object b1
object b2
object b3

List C (creates pairs)
object c1 (object a1, object b1)
object c2 (object a2, object b2)
object c3 (object a3, object b3)

Answer Source

This would do it:

public static IEnumerable<Tuple<T, U>> CombineWith<T, U>(this IEnumerable<T> first, IEnumerable<U> second)
    using (var firstEnumerator = first.GetEnumerator())
    using (var secondEnumerator = second.GetEnumerator())
        bool hasFirst = true;
        bool hasSecond = true;

        while (
            // Only call MoveNext if it didn't fail last time.
            (hasFirst && (hasFirst = firstEnumerator.MoveNext()))
            | // WARNING: Do NOT change to ||.
            (hasSecond && (hasSecond = secondEnumerator.MoveNext()))
            yield return Tuple.Create(
                    hasFirst ? firstEnumerator.Current : default(T),
                    hasSecond ? secondEnumerator.Current : default(U)

Edit: I vastly prefer Paul's answer.

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