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Django extending model.User

I am trying to extend model.User in Django (using SQLite3). Here's my Model for UserProfiles:

class UserProfile(models.Model):
user = models.ForeignKey(User, unique = True, related_name = 'user')
bio = models.TextField(blank = True, null = True)
birth_date = models.DateField(blank = True, null = True)
followers = models.ManyToManyField('self', symmetrical=False, null = True, blank = True)

But when I run the server, I don't see UserProfiles as a separate tab. There exists a User tab but I don't see any of my custom fields in there. Am I doing something wrong or is this the expected behavior of Django? And how can I test this much code (manually is fine but how?) just to see if the behaviour is as expected.

Thank you very much!

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Okey, you need to add UserProfile model to your admin panel.

Inside app folder where UserProfile is located, you will find a file named

Add the following:

from .models import UserProfile
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