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Process for Upgrading from RedBean 3.5 to RedBean 4

I am currently using RedBean version 3.5. I think I would like to move to the latest version of RedBean, version 4.

I have found no documentation about upgrade process, other than an indication it is not straightforward.

My questions are:

  • Is my RedBean 3.5 database schema compatible 4, or will up have to migrate all of the tables to some new format?

  • Is any of my RedBean 3.5 code compatible with version 4, or will I need to rewrite my code that uses RedBean 3.5?

Answer Source

I have taken the lack of answers provided for this question to be another sign that it is time for me to leave RedBean.

I have started the transition to Eloquent - Illuminate. I am just barely into the migration, and already I like Eloquent better, and I wish I had switched to it earlier. Some reasons why:

  • significantly more documentation available on the web
  • more explicit mechanism for defining entity relationships
  • control over table names
  • support for migrations
  • support for composer (RedBean 4 no longer provides this)

I was really looking forward to using the migration features to update my table names to more readable versions of the RedBean auto-created table names. Unfortunately, using artisan is not practical without a full install Laravel. So I will implement migrations with Phinx.