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Linq Syntax - Selecting multiple columns

This is my Linq Syntax which I am using to my entity model

IQueryable<string> objEmployee = null;
objEmployee = from res in _db.EMPLOYEEs
where (res.EMAIL == givenInfo || res.USER_NAME == givenInfo)
select res.EMAIL;

How can I select multiple columns? Like I want to select res.ID aswell. And how can I receive those? IQueryable will not work I think.
And this is called Linq to SQL - right ?

Answer Source

As the other answers have indicated, you need to use an anonymous type.

As far as syntax is concerned, I personally far prefer method chaining. The method chaining equivalent would be:-

var employee = _db.EMPLOYEEs
    .Where(x => x.EMAIL == givenInfo || x.USER_NAME == givenInfo)
    .Select(x => new { x.EMAIL, x.ID });

AFAIK, the declarative LINQ syntax is converted to a method call chain similar to this when it is compiled.


If you want the entire object, then you just have to omit the call to Select(), i.e.

var employee = _db.EMPLOYEEs
    .Where(x => x.EMAIL == givenInfo || x.USER_NAME == givenInfo);
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