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jQuery check if a file exist locally

I am developing a local site for a company (only local internal use, offline and without server). I have a main page that has a main div, that contain 3 different div. Each div is linked to a page and the "onclick" event of each div will load the page linked into the main div. So i have to check, with the document ready function, if each page exists and, if not, I want to delete the div linked to that page. How can I check if a page exist locally? I've found many answere that check with status of connection if a page exists, but my html will only work offline and locally, so I can't use that method.

Answer Source

This function checks if a file can load successfully. You can use it to try loading your local files:

function checkIfFileLoaded(fileName) {
    $.get(fileName, function(data, textStatus) {
        if (textStatus == "success") {
            // execute a success code
            console.log("file loaded!");
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