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MySQLi PHP: Check if SQL INSERT query was fully successful using MySQLi

I have this big function that gets a lot of different data and insert it into multiple tables.. Not all the data is always available so not all the SQL INSERT queries are successful. I need to check which SQL INSERT query was fully successful and which wasn't to the do something with this data (like inserting into a log table or similar).

Just to give you an example of how I think it can be done:

$sql = 'INSERT INTO data_table (ID, column1, column2) VALUES(?, ?, ?)';

if ($stmt->prepare($sql)) {
$stmt->bind_param('iss', $varID, $var1, $var2);

if ($stmt->execute()) {
$success == TRUE; //or something like that

I'm not completely sure this is the best way and if its always really show if the data was inserted into the table...
Any suggestions??

Answer Source

From the PHP Manual on mysqli_stmt::execute:

mysqli_stmt::execute -- mysqli_stmt_executeExecutes a prepared Query

Returns TRUE on success or FALSE on failure.

if ($stmt->execute()) { // exactly like this!
    $success = true;

You're doing it right... What's your dilemma?

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