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Strange behaviour in Android M Permissions

So I have this app that I made before the Android M came out, the app has

such as
(using custom camera within the app)
Write & Read
from external storage and
System Alert
I installed the app to my phone which has android 6.0 and the app was able to run normally and without any restrictions. I was able to use the camera, save files into sdcard & show a custom view using the

please take a note that the target SDK for the app is android lollipop.

my question: is this even possible? the OS let apps that has target SDK smaller than M to run perfectly without asking for permissions? and if this is actually the default behaviour that android developers implement?

P.S: the identified question is not really applicable for my question. and i don't see any similarity between them at all.

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Yes, it is possible. But that can give you a big problem. If the user deactivates some permission your app simple crushes because the permission is no longer available. The OS ask the user "This app was developed for a previous android version. disabling this permission can cause unexpected closing of the app" (ore some thing similar). In conclusion this is the normal behaviour because the android version that you are using to compile your app is before permissions needed to be confirmed by the user.


this link explains all you need to now about your question .

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