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C++ Question

Find all the keys of repeated element in bimap

I want to access all the keys of a repeated element in

. I have some example code below

#include <string>
#include <iostream>
#include <utility>
#include <boost/bimap.hpp>
#include <boost/bimap/set_of.hpp>
#include <boost/bimap/multiset_of.hpp>

namespace bimaps = boost::bimaps;
typedef boost::bimap<bimaps::set_of<unsigned long int>,
bimaps::multiset_of<unsigned long int > > bimap_reference;
typedef bimap_reference::value_type position;
bimap_reference numbers;

int main()
numbers.insert(position(123456, 100000));
numbers.insert(position(234567, 80000));
numbers.insert(position(345678, 100000));
numbers.insert(position(456789, 80000));

auto it = numbers.right.find(100000);
return 0;

In the above code I have repeated elements on right side. The above code give me the first key of the element
, i,e
123456 <--> 100000
. But I have one more entry of the element
, how to access all the keys of the repeated element (the element may be present multiple times with unique key on left side).

Answer Source

Use multiset::equal_range on the right hand side.

In this way you get an iterator range from the first occurrence to the last which you need to then iterate.

using ritr = bimap_reference::right_const_iterator;

std::pair<ritr, ritr> range = numbers.right.equal_range(100000);

for (auto itr = range.first; itr != range.second, ++itr)


The using ritr statement makes ritr an alias for the actual type. It's equivalent to a typedef which you use higher up.

The alias simply makes the next line easier to read than had I typed-out the actual type name twice in the std::pair declaration.

The equal_range is a member function of the multiset which is on the right of the bimap. It returns a std::pair which contains the begin and end iterators of elements in the multiset that equal the specified key, for you to iterate in the normal way.

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