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Javascript Question

highlight the page I am currently in jQuery which is dynamically updated

I want the link to be highlighted when i am on the current link how can i do this


<a class="menu_top" href="help_files/how_to_reg.php">How to Register</a>
<a class="menu_top" href="help_files/how_to_reset_pass.php">How to Reset Password</a>
<a class="menu_top" href="help_files/how_to_up_pix.php">How to Upload Picture</a>



var href =$(this).attr('href');

return false; // this code prevents us from redirecting to the page

Answer Source

You seem to be loading the content dynamically without reloads, so just add a class to the active anchor


    var href = $(this).attr('href');


    return false;

and style that class however you choose

.active { 
    font-weight : bold;
    color : red;
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