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Angular: Evaluate Expression Passed into Component Attribute

How can I pass in the value of an Angular expression to a component's attribute? I'm getting the value back from an API.


$http.get(apiUrl).then(function(resp) {
$ =;


export const Person = {
templateUrl: 'person.html',
bindings: {
firstName: '@'
controller: function() {


<person first-name="name">

For some reason it's not evaluating
and it's logging
in the console.

Is there a way around this so it logs
inside the controller?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

I've setup a jsFiddle here

Answer Source

& is for expressions, and @ is for interpolated strings, so try using

firstName: '&'

and then this.firstName() should evaluate the expression passed in.

Also, firstName is not guaranteed to have been initialized until $onInit, so if you do

bindings: {
    firstName: '&'
controller: function() {
    this.$onInit = function() {

you should get your expected result.

For reference:

$onInit() - Called on each controller after all the controllers on an element have been constructed and had their bindings initialized


After the extra information you provided, you should probably use a one-way binding (<) instead for this case, because it appears you are just passing in a single value (instead of an expression), and then you can detect changes in $onChanges. I forked your jsfiddle to show a potential solution:

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