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what is the use of angular.bind in angularjs? Where to use it?

what is the use of angular.bind in Angularjs. Please provide with a example. Cant understand from https://docs.angularjs.org/api/ng/function/angular.bind

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Angular.bind is a utility function that combines functionality in function.bind and partial function application.

Binding (in general) is the idea that you want to bind the current context to a function, but actually execute it at a later time.

This can be useful in angular when making HTTP calls with $http and handling promises:

    function(response) { 
        this.response = response; //use this (which is the bound context) 

In the above example, the this inside the function would not refer to the this in the $http context unless we explicitly bind it. This is a common JavaScript issue (in callbacks) because of its dynamic binding of context (which is unlike most popular class-oriented languages).

Partial Application is used when you want to make a function that has already been passed some of its arguments. A very simple example:

function add(x, y) { 
    return x + y; 

var add10To = angular.bind(this, add, 10);

// outputs 15

With Angular.bind, the Angular team is giving both of these wrapped up together.

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