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Javascript Question

Getting the value of text from a text object in JavaScript

I have an HTML file which contains the following line:

<div><img src="img1.gif"><br>My Text</div>

I'm trying to select the phrase "My Text" using JavaScript so I can change it. I'm able to get the object that contains the text by using lastChild, but can't figure out how to get the value of the text itself.

<div id="test"><img src="img1.gif"><br>My Text</div>

function getText( obj ) {
    return obj.textContent ? obj.textContent : obj.innerText;

function setText( obj, to ) {
    obj.textContent? obj.textContent = to : obj.innerText = to;

getText( document.getElementById('test') ) // 'My Text'
setText( document.getElementById('test').lastChild, 'bar' )

Note: innerText is for IE DOM, textContent is for the rest of the compliant DOM APIs such as Mozillas.