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Angular2 QueryList based on element class

Is there a way to retrieve

by element class?

This will work, either by id or component but not for the class based queries, namely

selector: 'my-container',
template '<div><ng-content><ng-content></div>'
export class MyContainer {
@ViewChildren('item') viewItems: QueryList;
@ContentChildren(MyItem) contentItems: QueryList;
@ViewChildren('.fine-me') classedViewItems: QueryList; // <-- need this to work
@ContentChildren('.find-me') classedContentItems: QueryList; // <-- or this

for the following:

<my-item class="find-me" #item *ngFor="let item; of items"></my-item>

I need to get the query list by the element class without decorating it.

Answer Source

@ViewChild(), @ViewChildren(), @ContentChild(), @ContentChilden() only support the name of a template variable (or a comma separated list of names) or the types of components or directives as selectors.

There is no way to use other selectors. What you can do is to filter QueryList afterwards to only get the elements with a specific class but that doesn't free you from adding a template variable to each of them.

See also angular 2 / typescript : get hold of an element in the template

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