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Using the BACK button to revert to the previous state of the page

I am trying a new functionality for my web site. I want to do simple navigation by hiding/showing


For example, when a user clicks a "details" button on some product, I want to hide the main
and show the
containing the details for the product.

The problem is that to go back to the previous "page", I have to undo all the display/visibility style changes, which is ok if the user clicks the "close" button in the newly opened
. But most users will hit the BACK button.

Is there a way to make the BACK button go back to the previous "state" of the page i.e., undo the visibility/display changes?


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to answer the question of your title (that's what I was looking for)

Using the BACK button to revert to the previous state of the page

and from the link from @reach4thelasers's answer, you have to set up a timer and check again and again the current anchor:

//On load page, init the timer which check if the there are anchor changes each 300 ms  
   setInterval("checkAnchor()", 300);  

because there's no Javascript callback triggered when the BACK button is pressed and only the anchor is changed ...


by the way, the pattern you're talking about is now known as Single Page Interface !

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