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Java Question

Java Replace words within xml

I have the following xml

<some tag>
<some_nested_tag attr="Hello"> Text </some_nested_tag>
Hello world Hello Programming
</some tag>

From the above xml, I want to replace the occurances of the word "Hello" which are part of the tag content but not part of tag attribute.

I want the following output (Replacing Hello by HI):

<some tag>
<some_nested_tag attr="Hello"> Text </some_nested_tag>
HI world HI Programming
</some tag>

I tried java regex and also some of the DOM parser tutorials, but without any luck. I am posting here for help as I have limited time available to fix this in my project. Help would be appreciated.

Answer Source

That can be done by using a negative lookbehind.

Try this regex:


It will match Hello that is not preceded by attr=.

So you could try this:

str = str.replaceAll("(?<!attr=")Hello", "Hi");

It can also be done by negative lookahead:

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