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Apache Configuration Question

XAMPP on Windows - Apache not starting

I have installed XAMPP on my windows 7 machine but can't get Apache to work.

On start I get the following errors:

13:09:21 [apache] Apache Service Detected With Wrong Path
13:09:21 [apache] Uninstall the service manually first
13:09:21 [apache] Possible problem detected!
13:09:21 [apache] Port 80 in use by "system"!
13:09:21 [tomcat] Tomcat Service Detected With Wrong Path
13:09:21 [tomcat] Uninstall the service manually first

After opening the XAMPP panel and installing Apache service: I have tried start it, it always get stuck "Starting apache service..."

Any advice on how I could resolve this ?


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I was able to fix this!!!

Had the same problems as stated above, made sure nothing was using port 80 and still not working and getting the message that Apache and Mysql were detected with wrong path.

I did install XAMPP once before, uninstalled and reinstalled. I even manually uninstalled but still had issues.

The fix. Make sure you backup your system first!!!

  1. Start Services via Control Panel>Admin Tools (also with Ctrl+R and services.msc)

  2. Look for Apache and mySQL services. Look at the patch indicated in the description (right click on service then click on properties). Chances are that you have Apache listed twice, one from your correct install and one from a previous install. Even if you only see one, look at the path, chances are its from a previous install and causing your install not to work. In either case, you need to delete those incorrect services.

    a. Got to command prompt (run as administrator): Start > all programs > Accessories > right click on Command Prompt > Select 'run as administrator'

    b. on command prompt type sc delete service, where service is the service you're wanting to delete, such as apache2.1 (or sc delete Apache2.4). It should be exactly as it appears in your services. If the service has spaces such as apache 2.1 then enter it in quotes, i.e. sc delete "apache 2.1"

    c. press enter. Now refresh or close/open your services window and you'll see its gone.

DO THIS for all services that XAMPP finds as running with incorrect path.

Once you do this, go head and restart the XAMPP control panel (as administrator) and viola!!! all works. No conflicts

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