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Uploading Bulk Recipients File Through DocuSign Rest API

The DocuSign documentation gives this example for uploading a csv file through their rest api. Below the image is the request object I'm trying but getting an error that says 'Value cannot be null. Parameter name: stream'. The example I posted doesn't actually try and send a csv. When I tried attaching csv formatted text to the body of the request I got a different error that told me that the request body was invalid.

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Seems like the example request that DocuSign provides in the documentation is incorrect. Try changing the value of the Content-Type request header to text/csv (instead of application/json).

Here's an example of the full request (including verb/endpoint, headers, and body):


Content-Type: text/csv
Accept: application/json
Content-Disposition: file;filename=dsbulk.csv;fileExtension=.csv
X-Docusign-Authentication: {"Username":"USERNAME","Password":"PASSWORD","IntegratorKey":"INTEGRATOR_KEY"}

email,name,John Doe,Jane Doe

This example request successfully updates/adds the specified bulk recipient info to the (draft) Envelope's bulk recipient signer.

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