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How do I compile Twitter Bootstrap 3.0 using Windows 8

I am wondering how do I compile Twitter Bootstrap using Less on a Windows machine? This is the only tutorial I can find, however this failed when installed lessc (saying lessc is not in the npm registry). Anyway I was not optimistic this would work since it's for BS2 and not 3.0

How can I compile bootstrap 3.0 on windows to set the less values?


Answer Source

I assume you're asking about compiling bootstrap LESS sources?

It is not necessary to involve lessc, there are number of apps on Windows, that perfectly handle LESS2CSS compilation:

  1. SimpLESS

  2. WinLess

  3. Prepros

(Prepros is my personal favorite. Compiles LESS, SASS, CoffeScript and dozen of other things. Supports autocompiling and live reload as well.)

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