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Python Question

How slicing inequality interval by numpy or scipy

I have numpy 2d array

A = [[1,1,1,1,1],[1,2,3,4,5]]

I want a function(A,B,axis) to assign interval,which results


, effectively with interval position
.In additional,it'll be better that lazy assignment each slice matrix like using generator because these matrixes can be very big size.
I know it easily accomplishment by for loop and yield iterator but I don't use loop for performance as possible.

Do you know the best way?

In my thought way,

def assign_interval(A,B,axis):
if axis == 0:
for i in range(len(B)-1):
yield A[:,B[i]:B[i+1]]
for i in range(len(B)-1):
yield A[B[i]:B[i+1],:]


I'm apologize my code didn't work.I was really busy today so that I couldn't inspect above code well and it's with the intention of dummy code for comprehension to process that I want.But,this code make terribly mistakes too much. Now, the code is revised and it'll be fine to work.



[1]]), array([[1, 1],
[2, 3]]), array([[1],

in my environment.

Answer Source

You could simply use np.split -

def assign_interval_split(A,B,axis):
    if axis == 0:
        return np.split(A[:,B[0]:B[-1]],B-B[0],axis=1)[1:-1]
        return np.split(A[B[0]:B[-1]],B-B[0],axis=0)[1:-1]
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