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Did Apple remove the 'git gui' command in XCode 4.5 command line tools?

After updating to XCode 4.5 and installing the developer tools I can no longer run the 'git gui' command from the command line. It says:

$ git gui
git: 'gui' is not a git command. See 'git --help'.

I'm running this version:

$ git --version
git version (Apple Git-33)

Searching the git docs ( shows 'git gui' should be available, and hasn't changed since version 1.7.7. So did this Apple version of git remove this command? I use it all the time!

Answer Source

Apple did indeed remove the 'git gui' command, probably because they were removing X11 which 'git gui' is based on.

I decided to just homebrew git instead of relying on the XCode command line tools.

brew install git

Then I edited the /etc/paths file to have the /usr/local/bin directory come before the /usr/bin directory, because that wasn't right either. Then exited the terminal window and restarted, and now I get:

$ which git

$ git --version
git version

and the git gui command works again.

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