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Pass an object in a redirection

I am trying to use

for redirecting to one of the page of my app by providing an object of my

Here is a simplified version of what I'm trying to achieve:


Name: {{bruce.name}}
E-mail: <a ng-click="contact(bruce)">{{bruce.mail}}</a>

In my Angular controller

$scope.bruce = {name: 'Bruce Wayne', mail: 'brucewayne@batman.com'}

/* Should redirect to mail page with dest object */
$scope.contact = function(dest) {
// Provide dest object

In the second page (which has a different controller), I would like to be able to show the sended object:

<p>From: mymail@me.com <br/>
To: {{dest.mail}}</p>

<p>Type your email...</p>

I guess the solution is really simple, so I don't need a full working code, but I would appreciate some ideas for how to achieve this.

PS: A solution without using
may suit me as well.

Answer Source

That is a typical scenario where you share data inside your application. A potential solution should be this:

var app = angular.module('myApp', []);
app.service('myService', function(){
  var data;
  this.setData = function(d){
    data = d;
  this.getData = function(){
    return data;

app.controller('myCtrl1', function($scope, myService){


app.controller('myCtrl2', function($scope, myService){
 $scope.objectSent= myService.getData();
 //do something

Services are singleton, are instantiated once and then cached by angular, everytime you need that specific data you can inject the service and call the methods provided.