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Contact Form 7 send to multiple contacts at once upon user selection

Hi there I am creating a contact form in Wordpress contact form 7 and I'd like to send emails to multiple recipients at once if user selects "all"

I had a look at this but doesn't seem to document if you can send to multiple recipients at once
e.g This is either/or

[select your-recipient "CEO|ceo@example.com"

I would like something like

[select your-recipient "CEO|ceo@example.com"
"All|{"ceo@example.com" "sales@example.com" "Support|support@example.com"}]

Is this possible?

Answer Source

You're on the right path. Try this instead though...


I'd also use select* instead of select so the field is required.

So the whole thing would be:

[select* your-recipient "CEO|ceo@example.com"

Let me know if that helps.


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