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Swift Question

Type 'Error' does not conform to protocol 'RawRepresentable'

Changing my playground code to Swift 3, Xcode suggested changing

enum Error: ErrorType {
case NotFound


enum Error: Error {
case NotFound

but now I get the title error and I don't know how to get the enum to conform to that protocol.

Answer Source

The problem is that you've named your error type Error – which conflicts with the standard library Error protocol (therefore Swift thinks you've got a circular reference).

You could refer to the Swift Error protocol as Swift.Error in order to disambiguate:

enum Error : Swift.Error {
    case NotFound

But this will mean that any future references to Error in your module will refer to your Error type, not the Swift Error protocol (you'll have to disambiguate again).

Therefore the easiest solution by far would be simply renaming your error type to something more descriptive.

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