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Send data from website to windows application

I want to know what is the best method to send data from website to a windows application. I want to make a video encoder and it'll work like this: Customer will upload videos and when uploading progressed finished website send a signal and data (like: Video resolution and bit-rate) to a windows application to start encoding videos. I want to do it with VB.Net or

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Have your .NET program listen for HTTP requests from the outside world. When a request is received, that's your signal to start encoding. You can get data (bitrate, ...) from the query portion of the request.

Example workflow of a pure HTML/.NET implementation:

  1. Create a simple HTML form that POSTs its data to the address where the encoder is hosted.
  2. In your .NET program, create an instance of HttpListener (see MSDN) to act as a simple web server.
  3. When HttpListener receives a request, send back a simple "thank you" page (or whatever) and start encoding.
  4. Somehow notify the user when encoding has finished (email?).
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