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Using group by and self join to find duplicates

I have a table that i am attempting to query which looks like this:


A user can have multiple documents in the documents table and is free to submit the same text multiple times. I wanted a way to see how many duplicate submissions are made per user. So for ex:

VALUES (1, 1234, 2016-07-05, "this is a test", 3)
VALUES (2, 1234, 2016-07-06, "this is a test", 3)
VALUES (3, 5678, 2016-07-07, "this is another test", 3)
VALUES (4, 5678, 2016-07-08, "this is another test", 3)

For the above set of data, I wanted a result that says give me a record for user 1234, the duplicate text and the number of times the duplicate text has been submitted. I have tried the following:

select oring.user_id, orig.text, COUNT(1) as dups
from t_documents orig
join t_documents another
on orig.user_id = another.user_id
and orig.text = another.text
group by user_id

The above is super rough and does not work. Can anyone please advise how to do what I want? Another query I would be interested in would be, in total, how many duplicate entries are there across all the users?

Answer Source

I'm not sure that you need a self-join here. A simple GROUP BY on the user ID and text columns should suffice:

SELECT user_id, COUNT(*) AS dup_count
FROM t_documents
GROUP BY user_id, text

I assume here that you don't care about the posting date when determining whether a text be duplicate or not.


If you want to find the number of duplicate texts which were posted, by any user at any time, then you can try the following query:

FROM t_documents
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